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Learn more about the Christmas Bureau application process by viewing the video below!

 Due to COVID-19 health crisis in our community, the Christmas Bureau will be adapting to community social distancing requirements in the following ways:

​1.  Applications to the waitlist are ONLINE ONLY.  There will no longer be applications at the fairgrounds.

2. Grocery vouchers will be mailed to all approved applicants.

3. Gifts for homes with children will be picked up in a socially distanced drive-thru at the Fairgrounds

Application Process


When we process your application, it is important that we can verify these two things:

​1. Family composition (Who lives in your home/family unit)

2. Residency (Where the family unit physically lives)

We may need to connect with you to verify your family composition or residency.  We will contact you via email and phone.  Please add to your contacts so we don’t go to your junk mail.

For applicants who did not receive Christmas Bureau assistance in 2019 or are NEW, we will ask you to provide the items or proof listed below.

For applicants who applied for Christmas Bureau assistance in 2019 if you have added members to your home since last year we may as you for one of the items of proof listed below:

  1.  Proof that applicant is parent/guardian of child:

    • Examples of documents for Children 0-17: Document from school, daycare, doctor’s office showing you are the guardian of said children, Insurance document listing your name and child’s name, Document from DSHS if enrolled in any state support or assistance, Insurance card IF it lists applicant and child’s name. Children age 5 and under: a birth certificate or any of the above.

  2. Proof of physical address for applicant:

    • Examples: electricity bill, utility bill, Century Link or Comcast bill, rental agreement, or mortgage statement.

  3. Proof of physical address for any other adults in your family unit

    • Examples: electricity bill, utility bill, Century Link or Comcast bill, rental agreement, or mortgage statement.

NEW THIS YEAR- Use our Service Provider Verification Form at any local agency that can confirm your family composition.  If a third-party agency submits this form back to us, we can check it in conjunction with your application in order to expedite the approval.  Download the form by clicking here. 


If you have children in the home you will need to review the toy catalog and rules of selection BEFORE starting your application to the waitlist.  If you do not have children in the home you may now start the application to the waitlist.




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