Dear Community Partners,

I am writing to inform you that Catholic Charities will close our Furniture Bank and Furnishings for Hope Retail store this winter as we reallocate our resources to continue to serve our clients in Eastern Washington. As a result, staff at your organization will no longer be able to refer clients to Catholic Charities to obtain furniture.   

We are grateful for your collaboration in providing a comfortable, dignified home to every individual and family who has experienced homelessness in our community. We are also grateful to Global Neighborhood, the Spokane-based nonprofit that will take Catholic Charities’ place at the warehouse and store. There, they will provide their own mission-driven services to support former refugees in Spokane.

Catholic Charities will transition its services according to the following milestones:

  • As of now, the Catholic Charities Furniture Bank will no longer accept new referrals.

  • As of now, the Catholic Charities Furniture Bank will no longer accept or pick up donations. Global Neighborhood has taken over this service, and we encourage you to direct any donations to them at 509-868-0001 or

  • As of 12/31, the Catholic Charities Furniture Bank and Furnishings for Hope store will be completely closed (store may close earlier due to staffing).

  • As of 1/1, Global Neighborhood will take over the warehouse at the former Furniture Bank site for its mission-driven services in support of former refugees.


In 2006, Catholic Charities opened the Furniture Bank in response to our community’s need to furnish the new homes of families and individuals who have experienced homelessness in Eastern Washington. Since then, you have worked with us to provide dignity to thousands of our neighbors by filling their homes with high-quality beds, tables, sofas, chairs and more. We opened the Furnishings for Hope Store in 2013, which increased the Furniture Bank’s capacity to serve local families.


Catholic Charities is committed to continuing to meet the greatest needs of our community members across Eastern Washington. By redirecting the resources currently used for the Furniture Bank and Furnishings for Hope store, we are ensuring that we will be able to continue to serve our clients through other Catholic Charities advocacy programs.


Thank you again for the work you have done with us to furnish homes for so many of our neighbors in Eastern Washington. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions at (509) 459-6187 or



Monique Kolonko

Executive Vice President of Stabilization

Catholic Charities Eastern Washington