Housing Stabilization


Housing Stabilization helps the most vulnerable clients access the basic supports they need to live with dignity. Families and individuals experiencing homelessness or living with a disability can receive referrals for assistance with housing, employment, disability benefits and recovery from opioid use disorder.

Our Services

Supportive Housing

Supportive Housing caseworkers partner with clients to secure permanent housing and get the help they need to thrive. Clients identify the reasons they do not have housing and goals that will help them get it. Caseworkers help clients find and qualify for housing and access services that will help them achieve their housing goals.


Supportive housing serves clients who live throughout the community and in Catholic Charities Housing. In the community, we empower clients who are exiting Eastern State Hospital to continue their behavioral health treatment. We also work alongside certain Medicaid-eligible households that have experienced chronic homelessness as they take the next step into permanent housing. At each Catholic Housing Community, a caseworker helps residents succeed in their new apartments by achieving their personal, family and professional goals.

Income Stabilization

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Income Stabilization caseworkers help clients achieve their professional goals to develop regular incomes. Employment services are available to clients who are enrolled in Medicaid and have a documented behavioral health condition. In this program, clients identify the type of work they want and the support they need to succeed. Caseworkers help clients build relationships with potential employers, and they provide on the job support, such as helping clients request accommodations. 

Through a pilot program, Income Stabilization also partners with Goodwill to help people who experience homelessness apply for Social Security benefits. Currently, applicants must wait more than 1 year to receive their benefits. The SOAR pilot program expedites applications so clients receive approval within 90 days. Housing Stabilization promotes the program and accepts referrals from partners throughout the city, while Goodwill provides case management.  

Opioid Use Disorder Peer Support


Peer Support caseworkers walk alongside clients who are experiencing opioid use disorder (OUD). Peers provide case management from the vantage point of their own experience with OUD. Through their personal experience, they serve as role models and reduce the shame associated with addiction. When clients decide they are ready to start OUD treatment, caseworkers help them access hospitals, treatment facilities and other providers. 

Catholic Charities offers peer support in the community and in Catholic Housing Communities. Community caseworkers reach out to clients in emergency rooms and the general population of people who are experiencing homelessness. Caseworkers at Catholic Housing Communities help clients transition from homelessness. They help residents succeed in housing by helping with skills, like meal planning, taking care of their apartment and setting boundaries with friends who are not in recovery or housing. 

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