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Service Learning,

Internships and Practicums

At Catholic Charities we value the role engaged learning experiences contribute to personal and professional development.  Most of our sites accept service learning students, interns and practicum students throughout the year.


For general questions regarding volunteerism with Catholic Charities,

please contact Kassi Kain at 509.358.4270 or


First, please review the Programs tab on our website to learn more about our agency,

or click the link below to get a brief overview of our programs and their volunteer needs:

                                  CLICK HERE FOR Catholic Charities Eastern Washington- Volunteer Information Book


You must to complete our online volunteer application in order to be considered.

Photocopies of state issued identification and the social security number must be supplied for the required background check.

We require 20 hours/term  for Service Learning which  must be completed  at a minimum of two weeks before the term ends. (This may be more than your professor requires but it is the minimum needed to volunteer with Catholic  Charities Eastern Washington) Please get started early in the term and don’t put off your hours until the last minute, or we may not be able to approve all your service hours. 

We ask that all service learning students provide a copy of their course learning objectives to their on-site supervisor at the beginning of the term so we can be a true partner in your learning process.

You will need to provide your own transportation to and from the volunteer site.  Consider finding a friend to volunteer with so you can carpool. 

Please try to stick with your agreed upon volunteer schedule.  If you need to miss your scheduled time, please give your volunteer site coordinator at least 24 hours’ notice.

Check with your volunteer site coordinator on attire, where to park, and work expectations – your site orientation is a good time to do this. 

Remember that volunteering is like a job.  We would love to serve as a reference for you in the future but that means we expect you to approach your volunteering in a professional manner.  If we sign your service learning contract we expect you to fulfill your obligations in a reliable fashion.



We have limited slots for internships/practicums so please contact us well in advance of your anticipated start date.  Many of our programs host interns and practicum students, but not every semester or quarter so most slots are filled on a first come- first served basis.

In order to be considered, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your program requirements and be available for an interview.  Please allow at least three weeks to complete this part of the process.

Email to receive the internship/practicum questionnaire.

 You will need to provide a copy of any expectations, requirements, learning contracts or paperwork involved with your internship at or before your interview.

If you are selected for an internship or practicum, you will need to complete our online volunteer application at least two weeks prior to your start date.

Photocopies of state issued identification and the social security number of the applicant must be supplied for the required background check.