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Randal, former HOC patron, current volunteer


For decades, the Bishop’s Brunch event has raised funds for the House of Charity. To better serve those in need, we no longer host this event (as to not interrupt day services of the vulnerable individuals we serve) but we still need your help!

Dear Friend,

Our annual Bishop’s Brunch campaign raises the necessary funds to provide shelter, meals, and case management to individuals experiencing homelessness at the House of Charity (HOC).

The last 18 months have been the most challenging times that I have experienced at Catholic Charities in the over twenty years that I have worked here. Yet, while it has been a very dark time, our staff and patrons made it through because of you and your incredible support! The COVID-19 virus has completely transformed the way we provide services to individuals experiencing homelessness. Last year at HOC we:

  • Created three pop-up shelters for individuals experiencing homelessness

  • HOC offered ongoing COVID-19 testing and vaccination clinics to prevent the disease from spreading within our homeless community

  • Activated specialized infectious disease quarantine dorms with showers

  • Initiated a pilot program to reduce COVID-19 restrictions on vaccinated patrons

  • Filled over 20,000 bagged meals

  • And much, much more!

Your donations and your support allowed us to continue to provide essential services throughout the pandemic.

But we still need your help!

As winter approaches, we know the need and services at House of Charity greatly expand. Your gift makes a difference!

  • $28—Gives someone a warm bed and support services for one night

  • $50—Serves 500 cups of hot coffee

  • $100—Serves 555 Sandwiches

  • $500—Supplies one week’s worth of cleaning and sanitation supplies (hand soap, hand sanitizer, cleaning supplies, paper towels) for shelter day services and sleeping program

House of Charity transforms lives.

Before coming to the House of Charity (HOC), Randal had never experienced homelessness. He took care of his father who suffered from dementia, and after he passed, Randal found himself homeless. After a few nights at HOC, Randal noticed that some patrons were working in the shelter. Randal had worked his whole life and wanted to be a part of the Resident Client (RC) program. This program provides patrons with a guaranteed bed for the night. They can stay onsite during the day and are provided with additional case management support. Randal enjoyed working on the team and building his community. While working, he also applied for jobs in the restaurant industry. After sending out 30 applications, Randal found a position at an incredible local restaurant! He completed his RC duties while working at the restaurant, saving for a place of his own. Unfortunately, nine months after starting the job, COVID hit, and he was let go with staff layoffs. Proving his resiliency, Randal began another job search and eventually found a job at a gas station. He has worked there for nearly a year now. Randal found stability and moved into his own place to call home thanks to the House of Charity. He currently volunteers every Monday and Tuesday in the kitchen, giving back to the organization he credits with all his success.

Will you give to support more people like Randal?

At the House of Charity, we walk alongside our patrons, building relationships and supporting clients, meeting them where they are at. We hold hope for those who have none. With your donation, YOU can make the House of Charity a welcoming, safe haven that offers REAL SOLUTIONS to SOLVING HOMELESSNESS.

Please consider donating to the Bishop’s Brunch today. We cannot do our work without YOU!


Rob McCann

President & CEO

Catholic Charities Eastern Washington

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