For decades, the Bishop’s Brunch event has raised funds for the House of Charity. To better serve those in need, we no longer host this event (as to not interrupt day services of the vulnerable individuals we serve) but we still need your help!

Dear Friend,


You’ve been watching the news this winter. You know homelessness remains an issue in Spokane


You saw a political protest at city hall turn into Camp Hope, an encampment with 50-plus tents. You’ve seen stories about the Browne Street viaduct, where dozens of people camp out week after week. On your commute, you drive by people still curled up in their sleeping bags at 8 a.m.


Because of your support Catholic Charities has made some real progress in tackling homelessness. People who were experiencing chronic homelessness 5 years or even 1 year ago are now living in our affordable apartments and getting help. 


However, there are still people on the streets, and they have the biggest challenges to overcome. 


Many experienced abuse when they were kids that keeps

them from trusting anyone.


Many suffer from behavioral health disorders that

cut them off from the real world.


Many live with substance use disorders that chemically

prevent them from moving their lives forward. 


But even in the hardest cases, you can still make a difference. Give today and make an impact on homelessness this winter! Each year, the Bishop’s Brunch benefits the House of Charity’s efforts to accompany our neighbors on the hardest paths out of homelessness. 


Your gift of $50 can provide seven people with case management that finds help for people without hope. 


When people are living on the street, none of us lives with dignity. Not the people living on the street, and not the parents taking their kids downtown to skate at the ice ribbon or ride the carousel. When people camp on sidewalks, I fear that a pedestrian avoiding a crowded walkway will get hit by a passing car. I am scared that someone sleeping outside will die from exposure. 


Will you give to the House of Charity to help keep downtown safe and thriving for all? Your donation of $25 can shelter two individuals for one night. 


The House of Charity offers real solutions. Earlier, I mentioned one of those solutions — case management. Case managers work with people who experience chronic homelessness, the people you still see on the street, to identify obstacles, find solutions and get them into housing. 


Since 2018, just two case managers have moved 90 patrons into housing. The House of Charity offers a solution that works. It doesn’t matter how they got to this point if we can get them safe, get them help and get them housed.


The House of Charity was a real solution for Debbie. Debbie lives at Donna Hanson Haven (DHH), where she has grown to love baking and feels “happy, safe and secure.” Debbie moved to DHH from the House of Charity. She ended up there as a result of an addiction fueled by a life of loss. 


 Debbie was 14-years-old when she first used drugs to cope with her brother’s death and her parents’ drinking. Soon, she left home and wound up in an abusive relationship. Just when she finally escaped her abuser, Debbie got a call to come home to help care for her sick mother. When her mother died, Debbie found herself turning to drugs once again. 


After years of struggling, Debbie went to a shelter, where she was clean for 2 months. But following a pattern that started when she was a girl, she relapsed when her close friend died.  She was kicked out of the shelter and experienced homelessness for 3 years. 


That’s when she found the House of Charity. She found staff who looked past her addiction and cared for her. She found dignity and began to rekindle hope. 


Eventually, House of Charity case managers helped her qualify for an apartment at DHH, where Debbie receives support building her new life. If she chooses, this can be her forever home.


Case management was just one part of Debbie’s journey, but it transformed her life.  Your gift of $100 can help 15 people with case management. 


You can help solve chronic homelessness in downtown Spokane today. 





Rob McCann

President & CEO

Catholic Charities Eastern Washington


P.S. —  Remember your gift of $25 today can help three more people experience the transformation Debbie did.

Thank You!