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St. Margaret's Shelter

St. Margaret’s Shelter provides emergency and transitional shelter to promote positive life changes in a supportive, short-term environment. St. Margaret’s Shelter offers social services that include individualized case management to regain and stabilize housing for families experiencing homelessness.



St. Margaret’s ensures that families coming from homelessness, incarceration or drug treatment or fleeing domestic violence have safe, warm and welcoming living spaces that provide dignity. We offer stabilization services that are driven by the families we serve and provide housing and vocational experts to assist families with resources and connections to community partners and programs. Our goal is to serve as a brief stop that helps families’ on their path toward moving in to their permanent, new home..


As St. Margaret’s families transition into their new homes and build stable lives, staff and volunteers provide resources that support them in that transition. These resources include an in-house food bank, The Pearl Boutique, on-site laundry facilities, one-on-one parenting support, Homework Club, healthy relationship coaching and an annual wellness program.  Aftercare support services are available to all St. Margaret’s families after discharging from our programs without time limits. 


The work of St. Margaret’s extends beyond the shelter into partnerships with community organizations designed to help families transition and become stable in their new homes. These partnerships with other organizations help prevent families from falling into crisis and provide holistic transformation. These partnerships include the following programs:


  • The Homeless Student Stabilization Program partners with Spokane Public Schools and the Spokane Regional Health Department. This program places community health workers in schools to help prevent child trauma from homelessness and increase the chance that students will graduate high school.

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