Volunteer Application Guidelines


  • For the safety of our clients and staff, only volunteers who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 are eligible to volunteer onsite or have direct client interaction in any of our programs. Other COVID-19 safety protocols still apply  

  • All Catholic Charities Spokane volunteers must complete our electronic application and pass a background check before placement. You must provide a copy of your state-issued photo ID; your application cannot be processed without it.

  • Certain volunteer positions may require additional paperwork or interviews.

  • Student and Underage Volunteers are welcome at Catholic Charities. Our policy is as follows: Volunteers 15 years and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who has submitted a volunteer application. If volunteers are 16 or 17 years old they are required to complete a volunteer application and turn in a signed parental permission form in order to volunteer independently. Access the parent permission form here: Parental Permission Form

  • Volunteer applications can take up to two weeks to be processed.


Helpful Tips!


  • Please access the application through Google Chrome or Firefox platforms for security purposes.  (Please do not use Safari on Apple products). It is preferable to access the application on a computer -- not a mobile device.

  • Before you start, take a picture with your smartphone of your driver's license and save it to your hard drive as a PDF. (Please use the smallest size/mb option).  You will be asked to attach it at the end of the application. 

  • If you cannot get past a page in the application, please scroll to the top and look for a note about what you missed. Do NOT hit the web browser back button when filling out the application. Instead, use the "previous" or "next" buttons found at the bottom of the application page.

  • Please answer all the questions.  

  • On the question that asks if you are part of a group - please include your group's name and the date of your visit if you have already arranged something with your preferred volunteer site.

  • On the pages where you are asked to sign that you will comply with our policies, it helps to follow this tip: The first time you are asked to sign a form,  copy your name off that form and paste in all the subsequent forms.  Be sure not to include any extra spaces when copy and paste your name.

  • If you are not a permanent resident of Washington State or have an out of state license, you must provide your most recent out of state address on the Background Check Release Form.

  • At the very end of the application, when it asks if you are a robot after you confirm you are not, please scroll down to the bottom of the page and hit SUBMIT.    

  • After you submit your application, a THANK YOU message should appear, and you will be asked to attach a photo of your driver's license.   If the thank you message doesn’t appear, you have not successfully submitted the application.  Please scroll to the top of the last page of the application and see if there is a message telling you what you missed, or restart the application.

  • If you are not from Washington State, (meaning you have lived in Washington 3 years AND/OR do not have a Washington driver’s license, you will need to call in your Social Security Number for a federal background check. Please call Heidi Meany at 509-459-6170 as soon as you have submitted your application.