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Rising Strong

Rising Strong is a holistic, family-centered drug treatment and housing program supporting families in staying together while they begin to recover from addiction, heal from trauma and rebuild their lives.  To learn more, please contact us at 509-960-8632 or


Rising Strong provides assessments and plans for each family member

(parents and children).


Parents will receive a variety of services, including:

  • Recovery Coaching

  • Counseling

  • Parenting Skills

  • Education Support

  • Vocational Training


Children will receive a variety of services, including:

  • Early learning opportunities

  • High-quality child care

  • Educational Support

  • Mental Health screening and treatment

  • Recreational Activities

  • Parent engagement through evidence-based parenting programs

Core Elements

Safe Housing:

Family will reside in Rising Strong Community for 12-18 months

Substance Abuse Recovery:

Substance abuse services on site for adults and teens

Clinical Support-Adults:

Mental health assessments and services provided on-site

Education and Employment:

Education support for adults and children

Child Assessment and Treatment:

All children receive comprehensive age-appropriate assessment and treatment

Integrated Family Treatment:

Services provided to restore maximum family functioning

After Care:

Long-term affordable housing, support, and services provided to program graduates

Phases of Treatment


Entry & Stabilization

  • Shelter Care Hearing

  • Intakes, evaluations, and assessments completed

  • Childcare for children 0-5 is secured

  • All children have educational placement & plan

  • Family is reunited

  • Safety plan developed

  • CHET screen completed

  • Meeting with Family Success and Peer Supports


Program Immersion

  • Engagement in chemical dependency treatment

  • Engagement in all other court ordered services

  • Mental health evaluation completed

  • Actively engaged in all Rising Strong Activities

  • Increased autonomy & skill building


Building Momentum

  • Active engagement in all treatment

  • Education and vocation track begins for parents

  • Parents serve as mentors to new parents

  • Integration into external community activities



  • Long-term housing secured

  • Family completes all court ordered services

  • Long-term education plans are finalized

  • Aftercare plan in place

Questions about Rising Strong?
Contact us at 509-960-8632 or

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