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Homeless Resources provides households with a single destination to access services that help them stay in their homes or quickly exit homelessness. Homeless Resources connects households that are experiencing or at risk of homelessness with housing and case management services offered by Catholic Charities and our partner agencies in Spokane County.



families housed

in 2020 through

Rapid Rehousing

920 E. Wolverton Court

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Monday - Thursday 8:00am- 3:00pm

Phone number (509) 325-5005

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HFCA provides families with a one-stop shop where they can access homeless housing services throughout Spokane County. Through HFCA, families participate in a vulnerability assessment to pre-screen their eligibility for services. The assessment score, along with specific eligibility requirements determines whether families are eligible for emergency shelter, transitional housing, Rapid Rehousing, and permanent housing that can include supportive services. Eligible families are prioritized for these services based on their vulnerability, some of the factors considered are how long a family has been homeless and how many times they have accessed emergency medical services. The centralized HFCA system helps families know where to go for support and allows community partners to serve families with the greatest need.

HFCA does not provide families with immediate housing; instead, HFCA channels families in Spokane County toward homeless housing resources. Because homeless housing resources are limited, HFCA pairs families who have the highest assessment scores with program vacancies around the community.


Possible solutions through HFCA include:

  • Rapid Re-Housing (assists families with children under the age of 18 find housing.)

  • Temporary Housing

  • Family Unification Program

  • Permanent Supportive Housing

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Households in our community are challenged with navigating complex systems in order to obtain and maintain permanent housing.

Diversion collaborates with households to help them avoid or resolve homelessness. Households accessing Diversion may be on the brink of homelessness and searching for ways to stay in their homes. Other households may be experiencing homelessness and are seeking resources to move in to a new home. At Homeless Resources, every household receives Diversion services and has the opportunity to partner with a Diversion specialist to review their housing situation and create a plan to overcome their housing challenge.  Based on staffing capacity, households may engage in Diversion services for up to 30 days.



While we DO NOT have financial assistance for direct housing costs such as rental arrears or security deposits, we can assist by providing case management services in a variety of ways:

  • Connection to community resources

  • Job search assistance

  • Education on life and tenancy skill

  • Landlord/tenant mediation

  • Tenant rights and responsibilities classes




Many households experiencing homelessness need to access additional financial resources to move into a new housing unit.

Based on their HFCA score, households experiencing homelessness or living in a shelter may be referred to the Rapid Rehousing program. Through Rapid Rehousing, households can access short-term financial support and case management services that help them get into private apartments and public housing.

In this family-centered program, households conduct their own housing search. If households request it, Catholic Charities assists them with identifying housing vacancies, completing applications, writing letters of appeal and answering questions about the lease-signing process.

Households receive assistance with move-in costs, such as application fees and security deposits. Catholic Charities ensures the unit passes quality standards before paying the landlord. Our landlord liaison identifies landlords willing to partner with Rapid Rehousing tenants and addresses with the landlord any concerns households have while living in their apartments.  


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Contact Us

Homeless Resources

920 E. Wolverton Court

N. Of Gonzaga Family Haven property

(509) 325-5005

Walk-in hours 

Monday through Thursday, 8am - 3pm.

If you are and your family are in need of emergency assistance outside of HFCA working hours please utilize the following: