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Immigration Legal Services

Immigration Legal Services provides high-quality legal consultations, representation, and assistance to documented and undocumented immigrants of all nationalities, ethnicities, and religions.




When Rosa was four, her parents fled to the US with her. Her father, a police officer in Mexico, had just taken down the leaders of a major cartel and was targeted for retaliation. She lived a normal life, got married and had kids, but she felt like she could never live up to her potential without documentation. She turned to Catholic Charities for help completing her green card application, and became a permanent resident early this year. “I feel like I’m free,” Rosa said. “I don’t have to be afraid no more.”



Our primary goals are to promote the reunification of families and to assist the integration of newcomers successfully into our community.


Each client is treated professionally and confidentially by our staff. If we are unable to provide assistance on a particular matter, we are able to refer individuals to a variety of local resources.


Call 509.455.4961 to schedule

an appointment with us.


Our friends in the Diocese of Yakima have created a wonderful resource page that is a complement to the services our local program and staff can offer. Please take a moment to visit the following link and browse the informative documents they provide.


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