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Catholic Charities Eastern Washington serves over 74,000 people in need each year. We could not do this work alone! 

Catholic Charities knows that partnering with the greater community is the best approach for addressing the most pressing challenges Eastern Washington faces. We rely on volunteers to support many of our programs and to share the work of providing hope and stability to our neighbors.

We believe community challenges require a community response. We have created unique opportunities for individuals, groups, businesses, schools, students, and retirees to work with us in affirming the dignity of our most vulnerable neighbors.


Counseling Practicum/Internship – We are looking for YOU! Would you be interested in applying for our Counseling Internship? We strive for quality opportunities to partner with brilliant and promising minds to offer quality care to our clients. In order to stay consistent and provide quality care for our clients, we can only accept long-term internship placements (preferably 12-18 months consecutively) if this seems like a good fit, please contact Sonja Devaney before submitting an application. Sonja can be reached at, for more information.

Voluntee Opportunities

Get involved and volunteer with...

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