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Gonzaga Family Haven

73 forever homes for families experiencing homelessness



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Project Information

Project Information

Gonzaga Family Haven opened its doors to families experiencing homelessness in the Fall of 2021. This revolutionary housing property has been made possible through a collaboration with our community partners at Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Preparatory School. As the building progresses, this affordable housing property will become the forever home for a total of 73 families by 2022.


The Gonzaga Family Haven affordable housing community is embedded with wraparound support services so that families can stabilize their lives through on-site case management, community events, and skill-building opportunities. Our partners at Gonzaga University Gonzaga Prep, and St. Aloysius Parish, plan to work with our community through student volunteering that will help enrich the lives of this future community in unique ways.

The location of Gonzaga Family Haven has been chosen to complement the investments made by GU and its goal to build assets into the Logan neighborhood. The Haven is a new neighbor to Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Preparatory School and its amenities are designed to support resident families and exalt this underserved community.

The property is located near local schools, parks, emergency services, public transportation, grocery stores, healthcare, and childcare. Residents of Gonzaga Haven will be well positioned for the support they need for success.

The result of the combined effort will be primarily seen in a community of healthy, happy, children with a brighter future.

Gonzaga Family Haven site map

Social Services

On-site Social Services 

Catholic Charities, Gonzaga University's Center for Community Engagement, Gonzaga Prep, and St. Aloyiusus Parish will provide a full range of supportive services for residents of the community including:

  • Peer support relationships

  • Adult education/employment readiness

  • Personal health and wellness classes

  • Case management

  • Health and substance abuse counseling/treatment

  • Access to primary health care

  • Food preparation and nutrition classes

  • Close proximity to public transportation

  • Scholarships at Gonzaga Prep and GU



  • Early Learning/Childcare Facility

  • Health Clinic

  • Adult/Youth Education/Computer Lab

  • In-door recreation space

  • 1/4 mile bike/pedestrian trail

  • Splash Pad

  • Covered Gathering Pavilion

  • Community Garden

  • Dog Park

  • Reflection space

  • On-site access to counseling, peer-support, behavioral health and addiction recovery services. 

Community Impact

Community Impact


Gonzaga Haven will change the lives of families who have experienced the trauma of homelessness and family separation. Through a unique partnership with Gonzaga University, Gonzaga Preparatory School, St. Aloysius Parish, Head Start, Spokane Housing Authority and many others, we will provide families with a safe place to live and access to services that help them make lasting improvements to their wellness and stability. Our goal is to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty for our residents and their families. Through the efforts of these partners families will have access to childcare, primary healthcare, ongoing adult education, before and after school services, tutoring, recreational activities, scholarships, mentoring and many other life-changing supports

More Information

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