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As the partial federal government shutdown extends into its fifth week, federal employees face their second missed paycheck and federal beneficiaries face cuts to their assistance. Catholic Charities stands ready to support any one in Eastern Washington who is affected by the shutdown.

Eastern Washington is home to many federal employees who have dedicated their careers to serving their country. From TSA agents at the Spokane International Airport to forest service employees in Okanogan County, these public servants work every day to keep us and our environment safe. Without a paycheck, they face big decisions about how to cover big expenses like mortgages, rent and utility bills.

Many low-income people in our region also rely on the federal government to help them pay their housing and grocery bill. The shutdown of the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the Agriculture Department, which operates SNAP, puts our vulnerable neighbors at risk of homelessness and hunger.

According to Catholic Charities President Rob McCann, thousands of our neighbors are at risk. He told the Catholic News Service the shutdown will “dig already fragile people into a bigger hole than they already find themselves in.”

Our mission at Catholic Charities is to make sure everyone in our region has the basics they need to live a dignified life, like housing, food and companionship.

Catholic Charities Can Help You During the Shutdown

Whether you are a federal worker missing your paychecks or a federal beneficiary who needs extra help, Catholic Charities offers a variety of programs to help.

Call us at (509) 358-4250 or check out our website at the links below.

If you…

need help paying a bill, our Emergency Assistance program can help.

  • We can help make a one-time payment for housing, utilities, a tank of gas or similar needs.

  • Referrals are available throughout the region to other agencies that can help.

can no longer afford to drive your parent or elderly friend or family member, Senior Services can help with shopping and medical appointments.

  • Income-qualified seniors and people living with disabilities can receive regular rides to the doctor or the grocery store.

  • They can also get help with light house work or yard work.

are worried about losing your apartment, several programs can help you stay where you are.

  • Diversion can help you understand your rights and negotiate with your landlord.

  • If you already lost your housing, the Homeless Family Coordinated Assessment can help you find a new home.

are a parent with children aged 5 and under, the CAPA program offers free supplies and support.

  • Diapers and baby/toddler clothes are available. Bring your photo ID and proof of your child’s date of birth. No appointment is necessary.

  • The Music Together class offers an opportunity for parents and toddlers to socialize while they sing, dance and hear stories. Wednesdays from 10:30–11:15 a.m.

Need help dealing with this stressful time, counseling offers confidential help regardless of your ability to pay.

  • Individual sessions are available to help you find peace and gratitude.

  • Services are available to everyone regardless of race, color, sex, age, national origin, disability, religion, veteran status, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Thank you to all federal employees who continue to work through the shutdown. We pray it ends soon!



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