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Catholic Charities thanks amazing frontline staff!


Thank you to our amazing staff for all that they do for our community -- Serving the most vulnerable populations in Eastern Washington while showing up with integrity and a smile.

Please join us in thanking and encouraging our team members with a note below! Messages are posted on this page!

Notes of Encouragement!

Thanks for submitting!

Your notes of encouragement


You are amazing! Keep up the great work.

Michael R.

WOW!!!!!!! Go Catholic Charities!

-Desiree N.

Thank you for showing up!

-Kathy P.

You know who is awesome? Read the first word again!

-Andre P.

Catholic Charities has the best team around! We are so grateful for your dedication!

-Robby L.

Thank you for the hard work you do!

-Sam B.

Spokane is lucky to have people like you who care for people experiencing homelessness.

-Grady S.


-Ray D.

You are phenomenal!! Thank you for your stead-fast dedication to our patrons, families & youth! We could not do this intense work without YOU!

-Sharon S.

I continue to be amazed at the incredible skill and compassion you show everyone, every single day. Thank you!

-Gene D

Thank you for bringing hope to so many individuals and families. Keep up the great work!

-Ann Marie

You have no idea how valuable you are as well as the work that you do! Much love and admiration to those working hard to keep those in need sheltered & safe! <3

-Cristian N.

You continue to demonstrate the affirmation of dignity for each individual, regardless of their identity. Thank you!

-CCEW DEI Committee

Thank you for your great work! You truly honor our Agency and our community by showing up for our clients day after day.


Thank you for all your hard work and showing so much compassion to our most vulnerable neighbors! You make me so proud to be part of the CCEW team!!!


You are truly the beating heart of our mission. Thank you for bringing dignity to each person we serve!


The work you do is hard... but it is SO impactful. Know how appreciated you are!


Your dedication to clients throughout the last 18 months is truly inspiring! Thank you for all that you do!


Your work is God’s Work! God is working through you! Continue your great work! You are appreciated by many!


I ❤️ HOC! You all build up our community to be welcoming, life-affirming and respectful of human dignity in all its diversity. Thank you for you heart, your commitment, and the joy and peace you bring to those you serve!


You are changing lives and providing a place of peace and respite for people who need it most. Thank you!


Thank you for all the love and energy you give to our clients and patrons. Your hard work shows them this community loves and values each of them. What an amazing gift your hard work is! May God bless you and keep you strong! Thank you for all you do to serve others.


Remember to take care of yourselves so that you can keep loving others! You make a difference everyday...even on the hard days (maybe especially on the hard days)!

-Sarah B.

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