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For over 100 years, Catholic Charities Eastern Washington has stood side by side with you to overcome times of change and hardship. Today is no different.
During this COVID-19 crisis, sitting on the sidelines was not an option for us. We have a sacred obligation and duty to continue the work you have entrusted to us as best we can throughout the pandemic. We put forth every effort to ensure our clients knew we are here for them. We will always answer the call to serve.
The poor and vulnerable have been hit hardest by this global pandemic, and Catholic Charities intends to remain here for them. We will not shy away from this fight.  We will get through this together.

2020 was a challenging year. Without YOU, we could not have served 74,293 people throughout Eastern Washington!

Last year we:

  • Provided breakfast, lunch, dinner, day services and priests on duty in the chapel at the House of Charity (HOC) every night for residents who wanted to talk, pray or receive Sacraments, (special thanks to Fr. Dan Barnett, Director of Bishop White Seminary and Fr. Bryan Pham, SJ) and a sleeping program to individuals experiencing homelessness at the HOC. 

  • Created three pop-up shelters for individuals experiencing homelessness and one shelter for families experiencing homelessness.  The family shelter is for 50 families experiencing homelessness at Gonzaga Preparatory School.

  • Started COVID-19 testing at the HOC medical clinic to prevent the disease from spreading within the homeless population in downtown Spokane.

  • Activated specialized infectious disease quarantine dorms with showers that we built into our new housing complexes.

  • Filled over 20,000 bagged meals for individuals and families experiencing homelessness in our shelters.

  • Operated the "Friendly Chat" program, matching volunteer callers with seniors to check in on all senior residents across 1300+ apartment units and deliver food and emergency items.

  • Provided essential childcare to first responders, medical and CCEW staff at St. Anne’s Children & Family Center. Families had more in-depth, virtual access to their children throughout the day.

  • Opened Schweitzer Haven, a 50-unit permanent supportive housing complex for individuals experiencing homelessness.

  • Provided online streaming parenting classes and emergency supplies, like diapers, formula, hygiene products and baby items, through our Childbirth and Parenting Assistance Program. 

  • Community Behavioral Health Services implemented secure video conferencing for behavioral health treatment that eliminated barriers to service that existed pre-COVID such as childcare, car trouble, and transportation.

  • Delivered fresh food and non-perishable items to our seniors, families, and individuals experiencing homelessness with generous community food donations through our “Shopping Angels” program.

  • Delivered trucks loaded with food to Tonasket/Omak areas for underserved populations, like farmworkers and their families.

  • Created an environment for staff and patrons to work safely side-by-side, and allowed patrons a better chance to get to know one another and cultivate friendships based on healthy activities.

  • Invested in technology that allowed housing staff stationed throughout Eastern Washington to connect to staff and resources throughout our service area.

  • Immigration Legal Services went virtual with all levels of service to meet clients' immediate needs.

  • Catholic Housing Communities integrated key technology protocols allowing residents to easily pay rent online, submit maintenance requests online, have greater access to all necessary paperwork required for housing, sign leases online, and verify documents.

  • Healthcare Integration brought healthcare services directly to residents throughout Catholic Charities housing communities.

  • Transformed the administrative building into a food pantry for programs and case managers to collect and distribute food to clients and residents.



We truly need your financial help to keep our emergency response afloat.  We urgently need your help to continue this fight.  Please give whatever you can and make a monetary gift today!

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