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Courage to Heal

Commitment to the poor and vulnerable

At Catholic Charities we refuse to let the COVID-19 crisis dampen our faith or diminish our actions to serve those in need. 


We simply cannot meet the challenge of this crisis without your help now!


We know that all of you, our volunteers, our friends, and our supporters are in a time of great stress and fear where your focus should and must be on your family, your friends and neighbors, your work lives and your health.  As a lot of you may know, we typically hold our annual Gala, Catholic Charities’ biggest fundraising event of the year, in May.  We have made the decision to change our fundraising efforts away from a physical event, to the “Courage and Commitment Challenge”.  Those of you who have already sent in your registration, we thank you for your continued support, your registration fees will be counted as a 100% tax-deductible donation (please email with any questions).


We also know that your worries of the heart include a concern for the poorest of the poor.  During these challenging times, we strive to lift the worry for them from your plate onto ours.  It’s what we are here for.  It’s what we do. 


We invite you to walk with us on a path that sends you the courage to heal and move forward in faith and hope while renewing our commitment to stay on the front lines of the battle to serve the poor and vulnerable.  Over the next two months, we ask you to join us in this endeavor. In lieu of the Gala, please consider supporting the Catholic Charities Courage & Commitment Challenge.

Thank You!
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