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breaking bread

Food for All brings the farm to the table for Catholic Charities Housing Communities through Welcoming Table

Catholic Charities Food For All initiatives, provide low-income individuals with access to fresh foods and helps to address the stigma that accessing fresh and organic food is a luxury. Do accomplish all this, we work alongside local producers to collect and distribute unsold produce while it is fresh. We help guide local farmers through the process of accepting SNAP benefits and offer bonus programs so low-income families can benefit from their high-quality food and shop at local farmers markets throughout the year. We work to ensure everyone in this community, from young children to homebound seniors, has access to fresh, healthy and delicious food.

Welcoming Table is a Catholic Charities Food for All program that provides nutritious food options and skills-classes to low-income and senior residents throughout Catholic Charities housing properties. Welcoming Table offers residents access to cost effective, whole-food ingredients, introducing easy and delicious recipes and preparation tactics in order to promote food equality for all!

Our volunteers host fun and inclusive community cooking classes and meal preparation, on-site and provide residents with meal options that are affordable, accessible and can feed the whole family. By exposing participants to new recipes, ingredients and ways of cooking, Welcoming Table teaches participants the knowledge and skills they need to lead healthier lives and brings residents, and neighbors together to break bread! In the short term this initiative feeds a neighborhood for the evening, in the long term it feeds the neighborhood for life.

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