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catholic schools week.

Catholic Charities is proud to support Catholic Schools Week, January 26 – February 1, 2020. Catholic Charities has been lucky to partner with Catholic schools across Eastern Washington and the Diocese of Spokane for many years. Showing generations of children how they can learn and serve, lead and succeed has been part of the fabric of our organization and our community since we began in 1912.

Serving with a humble heart is one of the pillars of Christ’s teachings and one that Catholic Charities is truly blessed to share with students of all ages. Sometimes it’s fifth graders playing with toddlers at St. Anne’s Children and Family Center or seventh graders helping sort donations at St. Margaret’s Shelter. It’s eighth graders serving lunch at the House of Charity, or sixth graders delivering fresh produce from Food for All to home-bound seniors. Whether the students come from any of the nine Catholic schools throughout the City of Spokane and Spokane Valley, we are always here to welcome them with open arms and open their minds to different life experiences.

Catholic Charities is also extremely honored to partner with Gonzaga Preparatory School, and work with the servant leaders of tomorrow. We work with G-Prep on numerous service projects, such as the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive, which brings car-loads of food to several Catholic Charities supportive housing properties every November. Our Catholic Charities Junior Board works hand-in-hand with many Prep students to achieve the mission of promoting volunteerism and developing leadership skills.

Regardless of whether the Catholic school students Catholic Charities works with are in grade school or high school, one thing always remains the same: the desire to help others. We are incredibly grateful these eager young minds (and their loving parents!) are open to enriching their lives through service. Watching them open their budding hearts and step outside their everyday lives to serve the vulnerable members of our community is a beautiful gift. Catholic Charities supports Catholic schools and students this week and all year because we are proud to pass on the legacy of love they will carry with them for a lifetime.

Learn more about Catholic education in Spokane by visiting and contact Catholic Charities to learn how your student can volunteer with us!

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