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father's day

Catholic Charities wishes all the dads out there a happy Father’s Day! Spokane has a lot to offer for father’s day adventures, whether you are planning some family fun on the lake or enjoying downtown’s restaurants and activities on those new Lime scooters.

In fact, Spokane might be the best place to enjoy father’s day — probably because we invented the holiday! In 1909, Sonora Dodd of Spokane worked with our YMCA to celebrate the contributions fathers make to their families. Washington made the celebration a state holiday in 1910. (Father’s Day didn’t become a national holiday until 1972, proving definitively that Spokane is ahead of its time.)

Maybe our special Father’s Day history explains why we have so many great fathers who have come through Catholic Charities Eastern Washington!

Making Dad Jokes, and Other Dad Hijinks

Like every parent that participates in our CAPA/PREPARES program, Jake was trying to be a great dad. He called CAPA/PREPARES because he needed help getting shared custody of his daughter, and they suggested he join the Fatherhood Project.

“That call changed our lives,” Jake said. Jake met for pizza and coffee with other dads and found all the support he needed to be a great dad for his daughter and show his commitment to the court. He built friendships and learned positive parenting techniques (including dad skills like making bad jokes and teaching his daughter how to make ridiculous faces!). He stayed committed to the program and now passes on his experiences to other dads as a Fatherhood Project mentor.

Dads Digging in the Dirt

When James and Jillian finally moved out of their unsustainable living situation and in to St. Michael’s Haven in Walla Walla, it was because of their first son, Jax. They needed to raise him in a safe place that had room for him to grow and explore.

At St. Michael’s Haven, James has been able to provide all that and more for Jax. He enjoys taking his son to community barbecues and craft projects, but what he likes to do most of all with Jax is work in the community garden. While James picks vegetables, Jax likes to explore and play in the dirt.

“He’ the center of our lives,” James said. James and Jillian recently welcomed their second child.

Volunteer to Support Dads on this Father’s Day

Are you a dad who wants to help others enjoy the unique experience of fatherhood? There are many ways you can volunteer to help Catholic Charities support dads in Eastern Washington. For example:

  • Through the CAPA/PREPARES program, experienced dads can become Fatherhood Project mentors or volunteer with their spouses as family companions.

  • As part of the Rising Strong program, spend time doing activities and building connections with families as a relationship volunteer.

For more information or to apply, contact Kassi Kain at or visit

Happy Father’s Day from Catholic Charities!



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