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gonzaga family haven (pt.2)

A splashpad for kids to run through during the hot summer months. 

A biking and walking path for families to move outside together through every season. 

A community garden for residents of all ages to plant and grow their own fresh produce.

A club house and meeting space for families to gather to engage in group activities such as food preparation and nutrition classes. 

A permanent home for families who have experienced the trauma of homelessness or family separation. 

This is Gonzaga Family Haven. 

The latest rendering of Catholic Charities Eastern Washington's Housing project was recently released and the design includes plans to install all of these amenities and so much more. 

Gonzaga Family Haven (GFH) will provide families with a safe place to live and access to services that help them make lasting improvements to their wellness and stability through partnerships with Gonzaga University, Gonzaga Preparatory School, St. Aloysius Parish, Head Start, Spokane Housing Authority and many others.

GFH will serve as permanent supportive housing for 72 families experiencing homelessness. Some of the future residents will be graduates of Catholic Charities Rising Strong program which provides intensive support to parents at risk of losing their children, as well as families with referrals from other organizations.

The innovative housing complex will consist of 72 units of 1-3-bedroom apartments, a 5000-sq-ft clubhouse and meeting space, playground space, and will allow for outdoor field access.

GFH will be a place of peace and respite for residents and visitors. The design includes over 60,000 square feet of green space, a ¼ mile pedestrian/biking trail, covered gathering space, splash pad, community garden, bicycle lockers, immediately adjacent bus stop and much more.

Catholic Charities Eastern Washington and Gonzaga University’s Center for Community Engagement will provide a full range of supportive services for residents of the community including: peer support relationships, adult education/employment readiness, personal health and wellness classes, case management, health and substance abuse counseling/treatment, access to primary health care, food preparation and nutrition classes, multi-modal transportation systems, scholarships at Gonzaga Prep and GU, and access to primary health care.

GFH will be on the corner of Hamilton and Foothills Drive and will be developed in collaboration with the City of Spokane which owns the site, with Gonzaga University and Gonzaga Preparatory School contributing community-building assets. 

The location of GFH is strategically chosen. The project is right next to GU and Gonzaga Preparatory School to best leverage the partnerships that have been formed with these institutions to support resident families. Located near amenities including schools, parks, emergency services, public transportation, grocery stores, healthcare and childcare; residents of Gonzaga Haven will be well positions for the support they need for success. 

The housing project is fast-tracked and scheduled to open in the Fall of 2021.



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