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happy halloween.

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to Spokane! We held our annual Trunk or Treat event yesterday, and let us be the first to admit, it was quite the party! There were dinosaurs of all sizes, princesses, a 90s boy-band, and a host of other fabulous costumes on display!

Our Trunk or Treat event is one we at Catholic Charities look forward to every year. Last night there was face-painting, pumpkin decorating, hot apple cider and premium hot chocolate, TWO bounce houses, and a variety of carnival games. We always love to see our community come together and this year was an absolute blast!

The Gonzaga University Student Athlete Advisory Committee is one of Catholic Charities Eastern Washington’s partners, sponsoring drives all over the city, and donating the proceeds to Catholic Charities programs. They brought 900lbs of candy this year for everyone to enjoy. Trunk or Treat was also graced with the presence of some Disney princesses, courtesy of the Gonzaga student body as well. Thank you to our wonderful Gonzaga student volunteers!

We would also like to thank Charlie’s Produce, for providing us with pumpkins to decorate this year, and a big thank you to everyone from the community who participated!

Catholic Charities for the Kids

Catholic Charities has served our community through a variety of programs for over 100 years. We are grateful for the generosity and enthusiastic involvement of our donors, partners, and community members. Many thanks to everyone who continually supports us in our mission.

Catholic Charities has a number of programs serving children and families in need all over Eastern Washington, like our CAPA/PREPARES program, Rising Strong, St. Anne’s Children’s and Family Center, and St. Margaret’s Shelter, as well as offshoot programs like KERNEL (Kids Eating Right Nutrition and Exercise for Life), which is facilitated through our Food For All program.

These family-focused programs build up the family unit to be strong and bonded, and there’s no better way to enjoy family life than to go to an awesome, community Halloween festival together!



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