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mother's day.

This Sunday, Catholic Charities would like to wish all moms a happy Mother’s Day! From the moms who find community in our programs to those volunteers who pass on their valuable experiences of motherhood, we celebrate mothers!

We recognize the moms who attend our CAPA program and complete the Circle of Security–Parenting (COS–P) groups that help them bond with their children to give them a loving start in the world.

We lift up the mothers of families at our St. Margaret’s Shelter, who take the necessary steps to come to St. Margaret’s and give their families stability.

We acknowledge the moms in our Rising Strong program, who are rebuilding their lives alongside their children and creating bright futures.

Take an Opportunity to Give Back to Mothers

This Mother’s Day, you may feel the need to show appreciation for all your mother did for you. Catholic Charities offers many ways you can volunteer and give back to mother’s in our community.

  • At St. Margaret’s Shelter, you can take a shift running the food bank or sorting clothing and donations in the clothing room. You can help school-aged children do homework or keep an eye on the younger children while they play.

  • At CAPA, you can welcome families to our facility and hand out donations as a greeter. You can help parents shop for kids’ clothing at our clothing room. If you prefer working with kids, you can sign up to supervise play while parents attend classes. Or, work directly with moms as a mother mentor (requires a 12-month commitment).

If you want to celebrate Mother’s Day with any of these volunteer experiences, contact Kassi Kain at

Happy Mother’s Day from Catholic Charities Eastern Washington!


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