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Native American History Month in Spokane with Olivia Evans

Introducing indigenous local artist Olivia Evans who is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and producer.

Evans attended Eastern Washington University, getting her BFA in studio art with a minor in film.

Getting into art was a no-brainer for Evans who had previously studied biochemistry, working towards a career as a forensic scientist-- once she reflected on her field of study, she realized that making art was something she naturally was always drawn to.

Raised Around Art- Native American History Month

Raised in Wenatchee, WA, Evans has always been surrounded by art-- as her love of art stems from “both sides of her family being into crafts and quilting.”

From there, she “got into photography and beadwork, and Evans “hasn’t stopped since.”

After graduating with her BFA, she started working as a producer for an art non-profit, where she also “produces in conjunction with her own art practices and has been doing so since 2018.”

Gonzaga Family Haven-Artist to Watch

Enter in, Dr. Shalon Parker, Department Chair of the Gonzaga University Art Department, who has encouraged her art students to reach out to local artists to be featured at the GFH Reflection Space.

Doing so allows community members to learn about local artists and allows art students to learn about community support and engagement—helping students to build a supportive and sustainable art culture, as they earn their degree and enter into the workforce.

It was through Dr. Shalon Parker’s program initiative that led Sage Steele from Gonzaga to reach out to Evans, asking if she would like to be one of the featured artists at the GFH Reflection Space (this is where you can currently see Evans’ art on display).

Olivia is a talented artist who works within different mediums to create fine works of art.

From mixed media prints to layering different mediums into her art, she does it all.

When asked about what inspires her art, she says that she is inspired by “children, family, and natural spaces.”

Knowing Her Roots

Evans knows her roots and pulls from what she knows by integrating themes, textures, and mediums, as she visually embraces every aspect of her being, which includes her cultural heritage.

Evans’ art expresses her Blackfeet, Cherokee, African American, and Italian roots, which are expressed throughout her artwork and are framed beautifully.

Ambition and Perseverance

Experiencing Olivia’s art firsthand is an inspiring and therapeutic experience. In asking her what she hopes people take away from seeing her art, she hopes that people feel “peace and inspiration.”

Evans shared how getting into the art scene felt like a task in the beginning--she was very open about how welcoming the Spokane art community was, and how building authentic connections helped her to broaden her horizons in the local art space.

Through it all, she has never given up on herself and believes in perseverance and hard work.

Her advice to younger artists?

“Keep working at it. There are times when you'll feel like you're not going to make it, or no one's hearing you, and that is definitely not the case. There are always people in the community that want to hear what you have to say, and see what you want to make, and help in that way. In general, especially when it comes to youth trying to emerge into the art scene, I know how hard that is. Don't give up! Do what you love.”

You can purchase Evans’ art at Artist | Olivia Evans and view her art display at the Gonzaga Family Haven through part of 2023.

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