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Committing oneself to anything can be scary. To say unequivocally, “I’m all in” can be daunting. Yet, behind all of the challenges, there is the hope for and anticipation of growth, opportunity and change. Every year, several hundred recent college graduates commit themselves to a year of volunteer service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps (JVC). They agree upon acceptance to put their faith in action and live by the Jesuit core values. They are hopeful in their mission of creating a more just world.

In Spokane, we have several Jesuit Volunteers (JV) working within Catholic Charities and its programs.

It is our pleasure to introduce Kate Montebello and Hannah Harvey. Both Kate and Hannah are serving at St. Margaret’s Shelter this year, organizing the annual Christmas Blessings drive, stocking and helping out at the shelter’s food back, as well as picking up food and supplies for clients from the 2nd Harvest Food Bank. In addition to their joint duties, Hannah serves as the Volunteer and Resident Resource Coordinator, and Kate as the Vocational Coordinator for the shelter.

Kate Montebello

“Catholic Charities is a powerful force in Spokane,” says Harvey, “In the short week that I have lived and worked here [with Catholic Charities Eastern Washington] I have witnessed the genuine care the staff has for all people; their mission to empower people to help themselves so that they can live and provide for themselves and their families on their own. I am looking forward to getting to play a part in Catholic Charities mission of service and empowering people. I have really enjoyed working with volunteers, witnessing their excitement and willingness to serve.”

Hannah Harvey

Certainly for each of them, there is a significant learning curve, trying to re-orient their relationship to the world around them and learn a new job at the same time. Sometimes, the interactions with clients are unique and unexpected. Like any new experience, according to Kate, “You just have to sort of figure it out.” She continues, saying, “I am really excited to interact with the Spokane community and get involved in service across the area. I was impressed by the number of programs offered by Catholic Charities that reach across so many different aspects of life.”

These two young women represent a group of passionate young people that flock to the JVC because they believe in building a better, stronger, more connected and compassionate world for present and future generations. Kate chimes in, with a final thought, “I think [Catholic Charities] does a lot of good in the surrounding community, and I am excited to see them continue to grow.”

A warm welcome to Kate and Hannah from our Spokane community, we’re happy to have you at Catholic Charities this year!



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