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best friends vaccinated.

Josie, Lilly, and fluffy want to thank all involved who helped put together the inaugural vaccine event held on Saturday, July 31 at 19 W. Pacific.

At Catholic Charities, we see many instances where the love between pet and owner is the only thing that keeps an individual going. Watching people give up their pets because a shelter does not take them or because they need in-patient drug or mental health treatment is heartbreaking. It is even more upsetting to see individuals who need treatment decide not to receive it because they do not want to leave their pets behind.

Catholic Charities (CCEW) is now part of a strategic partnership that is addressing these issues. A national organization called Best Friends, which provides resources for the homeless and their pets, along with SpokAnimal locally, are now part of a CCEW pilot program focused on keeping pets out of shelters. They are also connecting caseworkers to help find services for their clients’ companions. Since launching in January of this year, the program is already busy working and making a difference. On Saturday, July 31, the pilot program held a dual vaccination event for people and their pets at 19 W. Pacific. Pet vaccinations were made available from SpokAnimal, and Providence provided COVID-19 vaccinations.

CCEW quickly identified the real challenges for clients and their pets, and SpokAnimal responded to the needs immediately. They now have an on-site pet food pantry, free spay/neuter services, and a free temporary pet boarding program for those served by Catholic Charities. SpokAnimal also provides routine care such as dentals for dogs and cats, hundreds of pounds of free food, and essential pet supplies like collars and leashes donated by Best Friends. Not only is the program giving clients peace of mind that their pets have access to the primary medical care they need, but clients can access the services they require.

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