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father's day.

Father’s Day is a great day to express our thanks and gratitude to all the dad’s out there!

Catholic Charities does not only support dads on Father’s Day. We offer many different programs that help fathers all year round. One example is the Fatherhood Project presented by the Childbirth and Parenting Assistance (CAPA/Prepares) program. The Fatherhood Project offers dads a small group setting to share the challenges and joys of being a dad. Dads meet with father mentors to talk about how they can be supportive partners and good fathers over pizza and coffee each week. Dads are encouraged to drop in at any time, which changes the size of the group, allowing for engaging discussions or personalized support.

Our CAPA/Prepares program works to support both dads and moms so that they can support their families. CAPA/PREPARES exists to provide resources that empower parents to raise healthy, happy children and break generational cycles of abuse and neglect. CAPA offers programs ranging from mentoring and support groups to parenting classes for expecting and parenting individuals and families with children aged 5 years and under.

CAPA/PREPARES continues to serve families each and every day throughout the COVID-19 crisis. During Phase 2 of Washington state’s reopening plan in response to COVID-19 the CAPA/Prepares program is able to continue these services:

(COSP) is an 8-week parenting class once a week. This class helps parents understand and respond to their child’s emotions. Through COSP, parents discover they are capable of connecting with, loving, and raising secure children.

Classes are held every quarter, ask about our next class. We are offering the COSP groups and individual sessions via Zoom. To register, please email .

Individual and Family Circle Sessions

We provide supportive individual and family sessions to pregnant women and parents with children from newborn to the child's 5th birthday. Parents can be counseled throughout pregnancy and post-pardon periods. Services are provided by graduate level therapists.

Family Companions

Community volunteers are matched as mentors with first time, expectant mothers, fathers, and couples with a child age newborn to 12 months. The parents and mentor are encouraged to meet in-person for two hours each week for one year. They enjoy activities such as games, crafts, parties, exercise, cooking, etc.

Parenting Classes

These free, four-week classes are open to pregnant women, their partners, and parents of children ages newborn to child's 5th birthday. Participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

Music Together Wednesdays, 10:30-11:15am

This group is for parents and their toddlers! We provide a nurturing environment where your child will have fun singing, dancing, playing instruments, and hearing stories.

The Resource Closet

To support parents in becoming the moms and dads they want to be, CAPA helps to meet families’ essential needs. The Resource Closet provides an opportunity for parents to shop for basic supplies at no cost. CAPA collects community donations which range from gently used children’s clothing and maternity clothes to diapers and strollers.

In addition, if a parent is experiencing need and is seeking peer support or one-on-one support during this time, they can call our number at (509) 455-4986 and we will get you in touch with one of our staff.

We are proud to support dads through these wonderful programs and want to wish all dads a very happy Father’s Day!

Learn more about our CAPA/PREPARES program by clicking here.



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