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Gratitude for Service

Once called Armistice day, but has since been known as Veteran’s Day, November 11th is a day that we take extra time to express our gratitude for our veterans. We honor all of our service men and women: those who dedicated their lives to military service, ensuring that we could live the way we want. We honor the brave women and men who fought to protect our country.

Monday is a day to give extra thanks to those who served. Service begins with an individual’s desire to better the world around them, and sometimes those very lives of the same brave individuals get turned upside down. We see this at Catholic Charities every day.

Veterans and Homelessness

Veterans make up a large portion of the homeless population, not only in Spokane, but in any city where homelessness exists. To be in war leaves a person with some scars, both mental and physical. According to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans, 11% of the homeless population in the country are veterans. HUD (the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development) estimates that to be about 40,000 men and women on any given night nationally, and counted a little more than 1600 total homeless veterans in Washington State alone- the last count was as of 2018.

But help is available, our courageous veterans need not suffer alone.

Catholic Charities Hears the Need

The House of Charity focuses on serving our veterans who experiencing homelessness by providing a hot meal, access to case management and community resources, a warm shower, and a place to rest and sleep indoors, preserving human dignity.

St. Michael’s Haven is a Catholic Charities Housing Community that provides permanent supportive housing to veterans and their families. Staff provide case management and connect residents to resources available in the community. We are committed to promoting the well-being of all veterans and their families, whether they are newly transition from military to civilian life or have long been returned but are struggling with homelessness, unemployment, mental health and/or substance use challenges and the effects of traumatic brain injury.

A comprehensive list of services in Spokane specifically for veterans can be found here.

Thank you to all those who served our country and our home through military service.



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