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meet Mark.

Today he donated several bags of clothing that included new shoes, socks, and pants. Mark is very familiar with Catholic Charities. Seven years ago, he was a nightly patron at the House of Charity (HOC). Mark had fallen on hard times and lost his job which led to homelessness. While at HOC, Mark worked closely with a case manager that helped him apply for housing. On the day he turned 62, he was able to find a safe home that he still lives in today. When he moved in Mark did not have any home goods or furniture. “I slept on the floor with nothing, but I was just grateful to have a place to call my own. I didn’t have a stick of furniture, not a pan to cook with…nothing.” When he told his case manager this, they were able to help him with a bed, table, chairs and cookware. Everything to make this house a home. Today Mark has cancer but still says House of Charity is by his side. “I have two rounds of chemotherapy left and twenty-five rounds of radiation to get through. I have a volunteer driver from House of Charity that picks me up from my home for every appointment, waits for me and then takes me home.” Mark said he is currently doing very well and further stated, “I just don’t know where I would be without Catholic Charities. Your work is amazing, and I am so thankful for all of you. I just wanted to give back in some way and say Thank you for everything you have done for me.”



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