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new year, same catholic charities.

Over the next several blog posts, we will highlight who Catholic Charities Eastern Washington is as an organization, and our 16 programs serving people in need throughout Eastern Washington.

Catholic Charities Eastern Washington

Since 1912, Catholic Charities has affirmed the dignity of every person, partnering with parishes and the greater community to serve and advocate for those who are vulnerable, bringing stability and hope to people throughout Eastern Washington.

Rooted in this mission, our legacy of service to our most vulnerable neighbors, regardless of religious affiliation, continually builds a foundation of stability, health, and hope.

We herald Christ’s love for all by engaging each person respectfully and compassionately. We accompany them with dignity and love on their individual journey through poverty, addiction, and illness.

Responding to Christ’s love, we envision a community where children born into poverty can thrive as adults, where all people live with the dignity of a roof over their heads, and where the voiceless can speak and be heard.

We collaborate with partners in business, government, church, and nonprofit fields to solve community problems. We pioneer innovative programs to inspire action and hope among our clients. At all times, we commit steadfastly to the dignity of every person at all stages of life.

We transform lives by:

Responding to crisis to ease the suffering of individuals and families who have been affected by disaster, who are experiencing homelessness or who are healing from trauma or addiction.

Stabilizing lives by providing affordable apartments to the elderly, people living with disabilities and those who have experienced homelessness; helping with household chores and transportation to allow the elderly and people living with disabilities to remain in their homes; and providing free produce and farmers market vouchers so children and low-income seniors have access to healthy food.

Advocating in hope to help people make progress in their own lives. We provide services that assist parents and children, migrants and people living with mental illness to live out more completely their identities as people made in the image and likeness of God.



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