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one week.

We are just one week away from our annual Caring for Kids fundraising event!

In case you missed last week’s post, Caring for Kids is an annual fundraising event that benefits the services and programs of Catholic Charities and Morning Star Boys’ Ranch. Our organizations share the work of creating loving home environments for children by employing trauma-informed care, wraparound services and holistic family support.

Restoring Childhood

Trauma can change the trajectory of a child’s future. A child who experiences trauma has more academic and disciplinary trouble, uses more mental health services, becomes more involved with foster care or juvenile justice systems, and faces long-term health problems (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services 2017).

Your support of our children’s programming restores childhood and reclaims the future.

Our programs give children tools to heal their trauma, a sense of security and stability that helps prevent future trauma, and the confidence and resources they need to succeed as adolescents and adults.

Rising Strong has helped 37 children heal their trauma. Children at Rising Strong have reunified with their families after being separated by the foster system. Rising Strong helps children heal from the trauma of separation through counseling, play-and-learn classes, enriching daycare activities. Parents also learn how to help their children heal through groups like Circle of Security Parenting.

Catholic Housing Communities have given a home to 805 children. Children who live in our affordable properties develop the stable attachments children crave. They get beds or rooms of their own and a ready-made community of friends. These connections will help children focus better in school and build healthy relationships with their parents and communities.

CAPA/PREPARES has created loving homes for 268 children. Like we mentioned above, children who experience trauma feel its effects for life. CAPA/PREPARES offers parenting classes, Circle of Security Parenting groups and other supports that help parents resolve their own trauma and learn to pass healthy habits to their children.

St. Margaret’s Shelter has provided transitional shelter to 17 children. Children at St. Margaret’s get to experience the stability children crave. When families experience homelessness, children don’t learn to rely on regular routines. St. Margaret’s provides a warm, home-like environment where children can get the support and stability they need while their parents work on finding permanent housing.

Homeless Resources shortened the amount of time that 725 children experienced homelessness. Through Homeless Resources, families who have lost housing regained it quickly through the Rapid Rehousing program. Others avoided becoming homeless by working with the Landlord Liaison or participating in the Empowered Solutions program before being evicted. Children in these families experienced a shorter disruption to their routines so they could keep enjoying their homes, families and friends.

Join us for Caring for Kids 2019 to care for kids in our community!



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