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our summer intern.

As my time at Catholic Charities comes to an end, it only seems fitting to finally introduce myself, as I was one of the writers for the blog this summer. My name is Kathleen and over the past three months, I had the privilege of working as a Catholic Charities Summer Intern.

My work has been with the Communications and Marketing team on all things internal communications and marketing. In addition to writing for the blog, I created and scheduled a social media awareness campaign for CAPA, and developed a step-by-step guide to using two prominent social media platforms for the use of any Catholic Charities programs.

My internship at Catholic Charities has been a perfect fit for my current interests and future career goals. I am a to-be junior at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles studying Communications, Political Science, and Spanish. I grew up in Spokane and attended All Saints Catholic School and then Gonzaga Prep, where I developed a passion for social justice and was surrounded by many individuals who made it their life’s work to educate and serve others. My plan for the future is to work for a non-profit organization in marketing or development.

Catholic Charities has provided the perfect introduction to an organization that truly improves lives of those whom they serve. I am constantly in awe of the all-encompassing work that the agency’s 13 different programs do for members of our community. This summer I was able to witness the love that the staff at CAPA show to the parents and children whom they serve, even through virtual programming. I also discovered the relationships that the Food for All Farmers Market crew has with the food vendors as well as the families who are able to buy fresh produce through this program. Eastern Washington would simply not be the same without Catholic Charities.

I have been inspired by Catholic Charities’ response to the unprecedented times this summer. Without fail, this organization continues to uphold the dignity of every person who has walked through their doors. Catholic Charities advocates for the most vulnerable and those living on the margins of society. The relationships that this organization has developed with volunteers, donors, and clients in this community allows Catholic Charities to empower the citizens of Eastern Washington to care for our neighbors.

I am ending my summer at Catholic Charities feeling proud of the work that this organization does, hopeful for the future of this community, and so grateful for everyone who has made a positive impact on my time here.



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