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St. Anne's.

With the uncertainty surrounding students going back to school, St. Anne’s will remain a haven for children of our community.

St. Anne's Children & Family Center provides high-quality childcare and early learning experiences for children of all faith ranging in age from 1 month through 6 years. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, St. Anne’s continued to provide essential childcare to first responders, medical staff and CCEW employees.

Children who attend St. Anne’s experience the amazing features that the early learning center has to offer. St. Anne’s early learning experiences stem from a curriculum-based educational program for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers that focuses on the individual child. These experiences are facilitated by qualified and nurturing teachers who have degrees in Education, Early Childhood Education and/ or STARS training.

St. Anne’s Children & Family Center consists of 14 separate classrooms, multiple indoor large motor areas, three outdoor play areas, and a covered rooftop play area, all in a Secure Locked Facility. In addition, the center accommodates 2 areas specializing in S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics). St. Anne’s Family Library offers a diverse collection of books, inspiring life-long reading and learning. A Community Garden offers the opportunity for hands-on learning and play as well as produces fresh fruits and vegetables which encourage the start of healthy habits.

Partnering with you in your Child’s Learning and Development

St. Anne’s believes that young children’s learning and development are naturally connected to their families. You are the “expert” in determining what is best for your child.  Your partnership is invaluable in providing your child’s teacher with essential information, which allows her or him to plan a routine and activities that support your child’s unique characteristics and incorporate your family values, culture, and beliefs.

The teachers at St. Anne’s provide frequent communication to families including daily schedule, routine, activities offered, nutritional information, sleeping patterns, and other information specific to your child. We have an open-door policy where families are encouraged to fully take part in their child's learning by communicating with teachers on a regular basis.

Creative Curriculum

St. Anne’s creative curriculum helps provide a structure for teachers to individualize instruction. Our teachers observe children to track their progress and to ensure they are provided with opportunities to reach developmental milestones. The curriculum also helps teachers to ensure that children are exposed to all areas of development by encouraging the use of hands-on learning opportunities in the following areas: social/emotional, physical, language and cognitive. By using the same curriculum for all age groups in our program, information about a child can be passed along as a child transitions from an infant room all the way through the pre-school classrooms.

Our highly qualified teachers facilitate learning in our supportive, intellectually stimulating environment where children can explore and learn from different interest areas such as dramatic play, block center, science center, writing center and art.  Teachers set up these learning centers based on children’s needs and interests. Each day we provide both structured and unstructured learning activities. 

Our Kitchen

Nutrition and healthy eating practices play a critical role in children’s health and well-being. At St. Anne’s, we follow consistent eating practices that support children in developing healthy eating habits and create an environment that promotes healthy behaviors.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality nutritious foods and fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables when available. When offered a variety of foods, children instinctively choose a balanced diet. St. Anne’s food policies are based on best practices identified through the facility’s participation in the Eastern Washington Start Healthy Start Now program, public health research, national health recommendations, and the mission and philosophy of St. Anne’s Children and Family Center.

Pre-Enrollment for St. Anne’s

St. Anne’s Children & Family Center is now pre-enrolling toddlers and pre-school children for September 2020! Pre-enrollment is open through tomorrow, August 14th, so please inquire ASAP for availability.

To pre-enroll your child or to ask questions about St. Anne’s Children & Family Center please contact Jasyn, the Family Service Coordinator, at 509.232.1118 ext 203 or



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