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The HOC Garden

Are you looking for ways to get involved this summer? The HOC is looking for a volunteer to help run the HOC Garden twice a week.

The garden features strawberries, beans, corn, tomatoes, and more. There are also some lovely flowers. A lot of what we are growing has come from the community and our partnership with Food For All.

This summer the HOC started a garden for our patrons. The garden is full of different fruits and vegetables that need nurturing on a weekly basis. Due to the heat wave and our main volunteer no longer being able to help, the garden has become a bit overgrown and in need of caring hands. Our patrons are hands on with helping care for the garden but we are still looking for a volunteer to work with our patrons to maintain a beautiful and healthy garden. Our partnership with Food For All has been helpful in getting the garden up and running and will continue to be beneficial. Adding a volunteer that can stop by the HOC Garden twice a week, Monday and Wednesday, for an hour or two around 10:00am is also going to be a huge help. The hours do have some leniency to accommodate our volunteers, if necessary.

Please visit to apply to help out in the HOC Garden.



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