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you are the miracle.

The story of Christmas is truly remarkable. For 2,000 years, it has inspired joy and extended hope to millions of people through its promises. The birth of a Savior. A glimpse of a better world to come. Maybe that’s why so many people pack our churches on Christmas! Where else do we find such rich stories of pure goodness in today’s world? And it all started with Mary’s courageous trust in God.

Trust is such an important word for today’s world that takes so many blessings for granted. We all expect that our morning coffee, our cars, our jobs, our evening meal, the roof over our heads and our warm beds will be there for us. But, what we learn day after day at Catholic Charities is that it only takes one layoff, one unexpected illness, one death in the family to find ourselves in need of the very services we provide.

We are very proud that for more than a century, our neighbors have trusted Catholic Charities to be there for them when those things they took for granted disappear.

Last year, more than 70,000 people turned to Catholic Charities, like families who can once again share meals in the safety of St. Margaret’s Shelter. Like our neighbors who are moving into stable housing and receiving case management at The Sisters Haven. Like parents who regained custody of their children through the wraparound services provided through our new Rising Strong program.

This Christmas, the trust you show Catholic Charities Eastern Washington is the greatest gift we will receive. We promise you, we don’t take it for granted. You are the MIRACLE that allows us to transform lives.

Merry Christmas from Catholic Charities Eastern Washington! We wish you a joyful and peaceful holiday with family, friends, food and fun traditions.



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