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Food For All

Food For All

Our food For All program gives local families in our community access to fresh foods and produce from a local source, so they are able to cook more healthy meals at home and spend quality time together as a family.

Food for All initiatives allow people with low-income to access locally grown food through farmers markets and other community resources. Our Fresh Bucks program allows low-income individuals, seniors, and families to access more fresh food items than they would at the grocery store. We partner with local food banks to provide our clients with additional access to food.


Grocery Delivery through Senior Services 

Fresh Bucks 

Please call 509.459.6163 for more information


Additional Food Resources:

Pantry Shelf of Walla Walla: 509-526-4169

325 S 1st Ave

Blue Mountain Action Council Foodbank: 509-529-4980

8 E Cherry St

Helpline: 509-529-3377

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